Ultimate Beauty Bible

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World Premiere Production

October 25 - November 19, 2016


New Ohio Theater
154 Christopher Street
New York, NY 10014


General Admission: $30
Reserved Seat: $40
Student Rush: $15


Eboni Booth
Alex Breaux
Molly Griggs
Nadine Malouf
Sathya Sridharan
Ariel Woodiwiss

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Daniel Zimmerman (Set Design)
Sarah Laux (Costume Design)
Masha Tsimring (Lighting Design)
M.L. Dogg (Sound Design)
Justin Cox (Props Design)
J. Jared Janas (Makeup & Hair Design)
Megan Schwarz Dickert (Production Stage Manager)
Alberto Ruiz (Production Manager)


Danielle, Lee, and Tiffany have scaled the masthead of Crimp magazine, gaining access to the best the city has to offer—nightlife, men, and the beautiful baubles showcased in every issue. But when workaholic Danielle is forced to face her mortality, she begins to wonder what it’s all worth. In this dark comedy, questions of romance, sex, ambition, and loyalty spin Danielle and her friends out of control as they consider the possibility of life without each other.


NEW YORK TIMES: Makeup Tips Galore, but Not How to Handle Cancer, in ‘Ultimate Beauty Bible’
“Caroline V. McGraw’s wry and artful Ultimate Beauty Bible [is] a play for anybody who has ever believed that the right lipstick, the right shoes, the right lover might meaningfully alter the course of one’s existence." 

“Ariel Woodiwiss’s Tiffany can flash sharp claws with dangerous ease, while Nadine Malouf’s Lee camouflages uncertainty under a glib veneer. As for [Eboni] Booth, she anchors the production with calm confidence. Even when she’s waxing poetic about lipstick, she suggests a desperate ache for happiness.”

THEATERMANIA: 'Ultimate Beauty Bible' Review
“Written and performed vividly enough to compel a deep investment in every clashing color… questioning whether people can in fact change from the outside in, or whether our outsides merely mask what’s underneath.”


HOWLROUND: Tow Foundation Playwright-in-Residence: Caroline V. McGraw
"Page 73 has been my anchor since I moved back to New York after grad school. They are pretty much the first people I email when I have good news, theatre and otherwise."

THE INTERVAL: Playwrights of Page 73
"We recently gathered three playwrights— Hansol Jung, Clare Barron, and Caroline V. McGraw, —who are participating or have participated in their programs to discuss Page 73, being a playwright in New York City, and how they’d like to see gender equality improve."

BROADWAYWORLD: Alex Breaux Chats Taking on a New Kind of Role in ULTIMATE BEAUTY BIBLE
"It was really fun to now be in a room with a female playwright. There's four female characters, two guys...it was really nice to have this different point of view now and work with these awesome women."

TDF STAGES: I Might Be Dying, But We Can Laugh About It - Interview with Stephen Brackett
"'I tend to be drawn to work that uses humor to get to something more somber,' says the director. 'I find that comedy can open up an audience and give permission to go further into drama than if they're seeing a straightforward dramatic play. That feeling of laughing, then being very deeply moved by something – that's a thrilling combination for me.'"

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