Orange Julius

Orange Julius header.jpg

A New York Premiere Production

January 10 - February 12, 2017


224 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10014


Previews: $35
General Admission: $50
Artist: $25
Student: $15


Jess Barbagallo
Stephen Payne
Ruy Iskandar
Irene Sofia Lucio
Mary Testa

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Kate Noll (Set Design)
Montana Blanco (Costume Design)
Barbara Samuels (Lighting Design)
Palmer Hefferan (Sound Design)
Joey Moro (Projection Design)
Raphael Mishler (Prop Design)
Nicole Marconi (Prod. Stage Manager)
Corinn Moreno (Asst. Stage Manager)
Rebecca Key (Production Manager)


Nut grew up in 1980s and 90s working-class America the youngest child of Julius, a Vietnam vet suffering the toxic effects of Agent Orange. As Julius’s health fades, Nut begins paging through forgotten photo albums and acting out old war movies about brothers-in-arms, leaping through time and memory to trace the complex intimacy between father and child, fighting for a mutual recognition before it’s too late.


TIME OUT: Orange Julius traces a trans man’s family memories
“Kreimendahl is the god in [the] details, creating a portrait of real family dynamics far more ‘realistic’ than those in a dozen well-made plays.”

THE VILLAGE VOICE: ‘Orange Julius’ Explores Past-Life Regression, Trans Identity, and the Legacy of Vietnam
“There’s a lot to like about Orange Julius: its articulate, forthright personal narrative; its attention to veterans’ experience; its foregrounding of a trans character without making Nut’s transition the sole focus of the plot.”

“In Basil Kreimendahl’s assured and affecting memory play…[Jess] Barbagallo movingly suggests a desire for connection made impossible by dynamics of gender and family.”

THE NEW YORK TIMES: An ‘Orange Julius’ Bond is Complicated
“In Mr. Barbagallo’s hands, Nut is instantly winning, with a warm, wry humor that cushions the more painful moments.”


THE NEW YORK TIMES: Transgender Playwrights: ‘We Should Get to Tell Our Own Stories First’
An interview with Orange Julius author Basil Kreimendahl, lead actor Jess Barbagallo, and Page 73 alum MJ Kaufman.

AMERICAN THEATRE: Transgender Characters, in Their Own Words
“What works like Trans Scripts and Orange Julius allow for is the opportunity for trans individuals to tell their stories in their own words.”

TDF STAGES: Is He Acting Like a Man? Is His Father?
An interview with director Dustin Wills.

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