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Dear friends,

This year I got to work with Page 73, a group of whip-smart, charismatic folks, who know how to make creativity happen. With their production of my play Catch as Catch Can this fall, they made a dream of a production come true for me – as well as for the director, the cast and crew, and every single audience member who came to our acclaimed, sold-out run. 
Page 73 comfortably housed me and secured extra rehearsal time, so I could focus on rewrites. They amassed an extraordinary production team who all committed fully to the play. Page 73 set conditions that allowed Catch as Catch Can to come to life off the page.
With quiet confidence over the past twenty years, Page 73 has worked hard and learned constantly, while remaining agile and clear-sighted. What’s rare is that even as they’ve grown up, they continue to be as nimble and hungry as ever to really make an impact for early-career playwrights.
I am writing to personally ask if Page 73 can count on your support. With your help they can continue to change the lives of early-career playwrights like me.
All the best,


Mia Chung
Playwright, Catch as Catch Can


We thank you for your interest and support. Every dollar we receive goes a long way towards providing valuable resources to the early-career playwrights we serve.


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“Page 73 is devoted to giving rising playwrights their first New York productions. With Mia Chung it has struck gold again… What Off Broadway theater can be at its best.”

★★★★★, Time Out NY