Dane DeHaan and Joseph Adams


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“…Expanding the playwriting box… Directed by Anne Kauffman the actors string things out perfectly…” — The New York Times

Nothing — and everything — happens in the hourlong car ride on a California highway depicted by Dan LeFranc in Sixty Miles to Silver Lake. Time marches onward (and jumps backward) in this painfully honest two-hander about the fragile relationship between a divorced dad and the son he picks up every Saturday after soccer practice and drives to his home for the weekend. But to this alienated pair, it’s one endless ritual of loving and hating and hurting. Joint production of Page 73 and Soho Rep is playing an Off Broadway contract, but a larger house would accommodate more weekend fathers and sons.

“LeFranc has a golden ear…” – Variety

“Tightly directed by Anne Kauffman, actors Joseph Adams as the often-overbearing father Ky, and Dane DeHaan as his sensitive son, Denny, both give haunting performances” — Associated Press

“Dan LeFranc’s Sixty Miles to Silver Lake is a fresh take on the well-worn plot line: deadbeat dad and kid reconcile. The action is confined to the car ride from Denny’s soccer practice to dad Ky’s new house in Silver Lake, and Anne Kauffman’s (The Thugs) inventive production finds plenty of theatricality in the confines of Ky’s car. LeFranc’s dialogue flows effortlessly and draws us into a world of adulterous soccer coaches, Christian rock, young love, and home-wrecking Starbucks baristas…” – Flavorpill

With Sixty Miles to Silver Lake, Dan LeFranc has vaulted his way onto my Playwrights to Watch list. Despite a spate of productions both here and across the country, he’s remained under New York’s theatrical radar. Hopefully this play will get him into the spotlight.” —

“Dan LeFranc captures the conversational awkwardness, intimacy, and anger shared by a divorced man and his teenage son in Sixty Miles to Silver Lake, a poetic play in which bends in the road are the rule… Under Anne Kauffman’s direction, Adams and DeHaan turn in richly detailed performances…” — Backstage

Co-produced with Soho Rep.

A moving car. A father and son. The father drives. The son’s face is pressed against the rolled up window.

A lifetime can pass in the sixty miles between a boy’s soccer practice and his father’s new apartment. In this world premiere production, playwright Dan LeFranc and Obie Award-winning director Anne Kauffman team up to see just how much time and space can exist between the pleather seats of a father’s used car.

With Joseph Adams & Dane DeHaan

Set & Costume Design: Dane Laffrey
Light Design:
Tyler Micoleau
Sound & Video Design: Leah Gelpe
Production Stage Manager Rebecca Goldstein-Glaze
Public Relations: Sam Rudy Media / Don Summa (Richard Kornberg & Associates)
Calleri Casting

Jan 15, 2009 – Feb 8, 2009
@ Soho Rep (46 Walker Street)

Dane DeHaan and Joseph Adams