A Letter from 2015 P73 Playwriting Fellow
Nick Gandiello:


Last winter, I was pacing around a darkened theatre, watching tech rehearsal for my first regional premiere. I was thrilled with the work; I kept thinking, “this is what I want to do with my life.” But I knew that after opening, I’d get on Amtrak and come home to bills I couldn’t pay and a future more uncertain than ever. While the designers fixed a cue, I excused myself to take a phone call. I was greeted by voices I had come to know fondly: the staff at Page 73. They told me I would be their 2015 Fellow. I sat down in the lobby and cried.

The Fellowship allowed me to make decisions as a playwright. As the Fellow, I could say “I need to go to Boston for a week to research,” and it happened. My play Swept now earns its Boston setting with more nuance and complexity. I could say “I need to work on this play in a room with a team for a week,” and it happened – twice. Both of my plays The Wedge Horse and The Blameless were in between drafts, and Page 73 teamed me up with wonderful directors Daniella Topol and GT Upchurch along with phenomenal casts to pull the scenes apart, explore what was inside, then put them back together in stronger form.

During the Fellowship year, some decisions were an easy “yes,” like when Page 73 asked if I wanted to go to the Humana Festival to see amazing new plays and meet inspiring artists, or when they asked if I wanted to join their Summer Residency to spend a week writing. Other decisions were more difficult, like when I had a chance to travel for more work on The Blameless but was worried about the costs. Page 73 made that another easy “yes” by taking care of the travel arrangements for me.

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of the Fellowship is always having a team who believes my next play should exist. They work my fears into manageable goals; they discuss my dreams with me as plans. Page 73 makes my future as a playwright their priority, which allows me to do the same.

As Page 73’s year and my Fellowship year draw to a close, I am writing to personally ask you to support Page 73. Will you consider making a tax-deductible gift to Page 73 so they can continue to change the lives of early-career playwrights like me? There are playwrights out there right now saying, “this is what I want to do with my life,” though it seems like it can’t happen. Your gift will help Page 73 ask those playwrights, “How can we make this happen?” And they will.


Nick Gandiello

2015 P73 Playwriting Fellow

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