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Q&A from Application Info Session

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Thanks to everyone who made it out for our Application Info Session on Tuesday! We enjoyed mingling with a roomful of talented folk – did we hear someone tweet #playwrightmingle? – and diving into your questions about the 2015 application.

You can find a hand-out of the basic information here and answers from Michael Walkup, Rachel Karpf and 2013 Fellow Caroline V. McGraw below:

Should my Letter of Intent be one continuous essay or should I answer each question individually?

In the 400 applications we received last year, we saw successful – and unsuccessful – versions of both. Whether you decide to write a seamless essay or divide and conquer based on the prompts, what’s most important is that you do address each question specifically. Use these questions to show us you possess self-awareness about where you’re at as an artist and in your career and how Page 73 can serve you best. Original, thoughtful answers will stand out over boilerplate letters of intent.

Question 4 in the Letter of Intent asks you to choose in which Page 73 programs you’re interested. Does it hurt me to apply to all of the programs?

No, apply to any and all the programs you want! Tell us how each program can best support you as a playwright. Make sure you understand the resources associated with each opportunity by reading the application and our website.

In Question 5, Page 73 asks what play you would like to write and why. What’s the importance of this question in the Letter of Intent?

Don’t worry, it’s not a trick question! We don’t require you to write the play you propose if you participate in one of our 2015 programs. What we’re focusing on here is fleshing out your artistic vision. Our first prompt, “Tell us about yourself as a playwright,” opens the letter with an introduction of yourself as an artist, and Question 5 gives you the opportunity to illustrate how you would translate your point-of-view and artistic goals in a new project.

Do you consider demographics in your selection process? I noticed your past two Fellows were women. Does that mean it’s time for a man?

No! We are most excited to support talented playwrights who need our specific resources to help launch their careers, and we know these playwrights come from all backgrounds. The bottom line is that our next Fellow will be the writer who excites us, challenges us, and is ready to use the resources of the Fellowship to take a significant stride forward in his or her career.

We keep the hassle of applying as low as possible — applications are online and free. We encourage everyone to apply!

Do I need to have studied theatre in school or have received an MFA in playwriting?

No, absolutely not. The only important note on continuing education is that applicants are ineligible if enrolled in a degree/certificate program at the time of participation. (The idea being those writers currently have a network of resources through their school, and we seek to provide resources for those who don’t have that!)

As Page 73’s 2013 Fellow, Caroline, did you work on exactly what you set out in your application?

Nope. And that was fine. There are about 7 months between the application due date and choosing the fellow, and a lot can change in 7 months! The Fellowship responds to where you’re at and what you need to work on the project at hand.

If you keep the questions coming, we’ll post feedback! You can email Rachel Karpf with questions about the 2015 application. Check back here for regular updates, and APPLY!