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Searching For Margery

Monday, July 13th, 2009

We’re gearing up for our fall production of “Creature” (more on that soon).  Heidi Schreck has started posting (on another blog – Heidi, how could you?) some images that will (may?) inform the on-stage action in the fall.

Team Page 73!

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Always have mixed feelings about the last day of the residency.  We’re excited to hear the presentations; we’re also sad, though, that the residency is over.   Page 73 generally is made up of a team of 3 – Liz, Asher and Dan.  But, during our residency at Yale, the team explodes to about 20 people.   It’s always a little bittersweet having to leave New Haven and get back to our three-person model.

Moving on.  It was great to hear Cory Hinkle’s Little Eyes and Kara Corthron’s Spookwater.  Davis McCallum (who directed Little Eyes) and Kip Fagan (who directed Spookwater) did tremendous work on these pieces.  Davis really managed to extract the creepy-funny aspects of the play; the actors (Dane, Jenn, Erica, Carter, Barret) were unbelievable.  And Kip helped bring to life the expansive world of Kara’s pre- and post-Katrina New Orleans with the contributions of percussionist John Corkill’s and the versatile actors (Teresa Lim, Nondumiso Tembe, Aja King, Aleta Mitchel, Trai Byers and Ben Horner).  Really, the plays couldn’t be more different – yet they’re both similar in that they depict societies in transition (Little Eyes‘s post-9/11 Big Brother world and Spookwater‘s New Orleans).  (Ed. note: So great that we were joined by board member Allison Blinken, who took some lovely photos!)

We’ll miss New Haven. We’ll miss everyone who worked with Page 73 this past week.  But we’ll be back to New Haven, for sure, and will continue to soldier on, hoping to work with each member of our 20-person Yale Residency family.


Trai Byers and Ben Horner


Nondumiso Tembe, Teresa Aviva Lim and Aleta Mitchel


Kip Fagan and Asher Richelli pre-"Spookwater" presentation

First Pages

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

We did a cold reading of Sam Hunter’s newest play tonight at 9:30 p.m.  We assembled in a conference room on the third floor of the Yale Cabaret and began to read a sad, funny new play about loss and family.  The play is funny.  And it’s one of those miraculous pieces where you find yourself guffawing one second and tearing up the next.  Teresa, Dane, Erica, Barret and Aja pulled all the stops (fearless actors!) in a very cold reading of these very new pages.   The play completely is in its nascent stages right now; it’s really not fair of us to say anything else.  Still, it was a great way to spend our last evening in New Haven — all assembled in a room reading and having drinks while it started to rain a little outside.

After the reading, some of us (Cory, Davis, Kara, Aja, Sam, John Baker, Tory (who’s here!), Liz and Asher) headed over to Sullivan’s for the perfect night cap: whisky and beer.


Dane, Erica, Daniel, Teresa and Kip get ready to hear Sam's new play


After a couple of drinks, Aja and Kara remember the good ol' days

You May Kiss the Jedi

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

People are extraordinary.   Vera Wang needs to try to corner the light saber wedding market.

Of New Pages and Light Saber Dancing

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Just another day at our Yale Residency: Both Kara and Cory did rewrites of their respective plays this morning.  Kara mentioned that she and the percussionist started scoring some of Spookwater while Cory and Davis excitedly proclaimed that, yes, they did work on the end of Little Eyes – and it’s terrific.  To borrow Mark Sanford’s favorite adjective, it was a “glorious” day – both because the weather was amazing and everyone was productive. We ended up at the Yale Cabaret’s summer production of Irma Vep in the evening and followed the performance with an early night to bed.  Some of us needed a full night’s sleep.  (Ed. Note: The last pic shows Cory, Sam, Dan and Liz very excitedly looking at a YouTube of couples who choreographed their first wedding dance as a light saber duel.  Apparently, this is very common in certain parts of the galaxy.  There were, like, 20 or so videos of *different* couples using light sabers in their first dance as a couple.  Also, there was a very elaborate Star Trek wedding that they found online.)

Cory and Davis discuss the new pages of "Little Eyes"

Cory and Davis discuss the new pages of "Little Eyes"

Dane and His New Pages

Dane and His New Pages

"Professor" Jenn Lyon explains it all to Erica

"Professor" Jenn Lyon explains it all to Erica



Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Walking back from lunch with Jennifer Keiger and Amy Boratko of the Yale Rep, we ran into this gem:


On Arrivals & Pizza

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Whirlwind activity.

Arrivals continued.   Kara Corthron and Kip Fagan (who opened a play at SPF last night) joined us and started work on Kara’s new play Spookwater.  Some pretty spectacular Yale Drama School students are working on Spookwater (Trai Byers, Ben Horner, Aja King, Teresa Lim and Nondumiso Tembe).  Aleta Mitchel, who was in the original production of Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, is in the cast.  A Yale School of Music student (John Corkill) is doing percussion for the workshop of Spookwater.   We can’t wait to hear the work that Kara, Kip, et al. do on this new play.

We all met at Bru Bar this evening for pizza, beer, and conversation over music from a very good jukebox (The Beatles and Big Hair 1980s bands?  Good times. )  I mean, what better way is there to celebrate our residency in New Haven than enjoying pizza, which allegedly (we don’t believe it…) was invented in New Haven?   David Adjmi joined us for slices and beer and some of us had late-night drinks at a bar called “The Anchor” with playwright Kate Walat and composer Greg Spears (who is talking to 2008 P73 Playwriting Fellow Tommy Smith about possibly writing an opera based on the Tchaikovsky and his wife).

Boola – Boola

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

And we’re back!  In New Haven!  At Yale!

The sudden afternoon showers did not deter playwright Cory Hinkle, director Davis McCallum, actors Dane DeHaan (of Sixty Miles fame), Jennifer Lyon, Carter Gill, Barret O’Brien and Erica Sullivan and our amazing producing associate Dan(iel) Hammond from putting in about 4 hours of work on Cory’s new play Little Eyes.   After a brief introduction, we left the Little Eyes folks and walked over in the rain to grab coffee and talk shop with Sam Hunter about the play that he’ll be working on while at Yale and his numerous other project (this man is busy). I don’t think it’s fair to say much about Sam’s new play – he only has a couple of pages written.  Here’s the brief (very dry) description of the piece that we included in the welcome packet distributed to all residency participants: “… the play… [is] about a woman who pledges to continue work on her husband’s book on genocide in the XX Century after he inexplicably commits suicide…”

Rehearsals were followed by dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant (Bangkok Gardens), where  much Singha Beer was consumed.  Five of us (Cory, Dane, Dan(iel), Sam and Asher) headed over to Bru Bar for more beer (this time, we opted for pitchers of the house pale ale and “damn good stout”) and more talk of Sarah Palin, the Michael Jackson (never-ending) extravaganza, summer blockbusters (Up gets thumbs-up; Transformers not so much) and theater in Minneapolis.

Tomorrow, the Spookwater crew arrives: playwright Kara Lee Corthron, director Kip Fagan, 6 amazing actors and 1 percussionist.

Also!  David Adjmi was spotted crossing a street near the Yale Rep; word is that Kate Walat is in town; Tory Stewart (from our first summer residency at Yale) is trekking over on Friday; and Heidi Schreck (fingers crossed) is magically going to appear on campus on Saturday.  Crazy.  We’re so having our very own Michael Jackson extravaganza when everyone reaches New Haven.  Tory Stewart is on “I’ll Be There” and Heidi Schreck will duet with David Adjmi and belt out “Dirty Diana”.   Take that, Joe Jackson.